Cinnamon Apple Pie Recipe – Autumn Dessert Recipe

What’s up guys! We can’t deny that apple pies are the perfect automnal staple 🍎😋, plus apple and cinnamon have so many health benefits for our body so let’s treat it right and make this deliciousness!


-For the crust

200g oat flour

3 tbsp honey

3 tbsp coconut oil

-For the filling

500 ml squeezed apple juice

300g apples

15g coconut oil

1 pinch of cinnamon

1 tbsp honey


For the crust: mix everything together until having a homogeneous paste. Layer on a tart mould.
For the filling: Bring the apple juice to boil for 30 mins.

Add in the apple and the cinnamon until you get a compote – which will take approximately 15 mins.

In another pan heat up coconut oil and 1/2 tbsp honey.

Layer your mixture on top of the crust and add in apple quarters and the coconut oil/honey mixture. Pop in the oven for 30mins at 180 degrees. and best enjoyed warm 😋.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-15 at 18.31.08

Doesn’t this recipe brings you feelings of coziness?

Until the next recipe,

FittyGalz x

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